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“To serve the community and our clients by providing healing, performance, and wellness solutions for the mind, body and soul.”

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At C.O.R.E., we strongly recommend and encourage each individual to become an active participant of their recovery, which also compliments our various passive treatment techniques.

We strive to continously educate ourselves to stay current with the latest science in the rehabilitation and fitness world, to offer our patients and community the best possible care. We are aware that overall health depends on all the systems in the body, in addition to our environment, stress, relationships and any other possible contributing factors in a person’s life. This is a holistic model, but it is grounded in science, specifically neuroscience and the various branches of neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and interpersonal neurobiology.

CORE performance, therapy, and wellness was born out of a need for Connected, Objective, Responsible, and Empowering health care. We are a family-run clinic that values connections, integrity and honesty.

Love & Testimonials

Two years ago I injured my meniscus and I could barely walk. I started seeing them for so rehab and acupuncture therapy. I was given exercises to do at home which I followed exactly as recommended. Within a month or so I recovered from my knee issues and have no problem.

I haven’t gone for a massage in years and decided to go. I had my appointment today. All my kinks are gone and I feel completely relaxed. I will be booking more regular massage appointments here in the New Year.

If you’re looking for strength training, massage, acupuncture or chiropractic treatments then this is the place to go. This husband and wife team really know what they are doing. They are friendly and make everyone feel welcome. They really get to know you.

D Kourt

There are countless great things to say about Core Performance Therapy Wellness. I encourage you to do yourself a favour and visit this clinic if you look for high education standards and excellence in conduct and practice. To begin with, both Dr. Chris and Dr. Tara are very experienced and passionate in their field, and they always make their patients feel welcome and well cared for. I had a nagging shoulder pain that was treated after a few visits( I wish I had visited this clinic earlier). I also received tons of great information and recommendations on preventing such injuries and how to improve my overall health from both Dr. Chris and Dr. Tara.
Dr. Chris is an athlete himself, and he has been consistently attending various health & performance events and seminars hosted by leading athletes and researchers. He shared his philosophy, personal experience, and lifestyle with me to increase energy, range of motion and relieve stress + and tension incoherent and concise terms.

The clinic’s atmosphere is very relaxing, organized and clean. It’s at a convenient location with lots of free parking. Their pricing is very affordable, and there are many effective treatments and programs offered to all age groups. Definitely Recommended! 


Both Chris and Tara are fantastic at what they do.
I have over the years come to them with various issues as have both of my kids.
They get us all back up and moving with their various techniques.

Zuzi Valente

Been going for years now. I moved 45 mins away and tried a couple local places and didn’t compare at all to the expertise that Chris and Tara provide. 100% there is no one better in the industry

Jason Cosman

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