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Dr. Chris Michailidis  

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Dr. Chris Michailidis

Dr. Chris Michailidis

Dr. Chris Michailidis is an expert in the fields of pain and manual medicine. In his practice he adopts a patient-­focused model of care.

He is a chiropractor with expertise in medical acupuncture, advanced neurofunctional assessment and treatment, neurofunctional soft tissue microconditioning, and nerve mobilization techniques. He has also studied transpersonal psychotherapy and is an instructor with the medical acupuncture program at McMaster University.

Dr. Tara Behroozfard

Dr. Tara Behroozfard

Dr. Tara Behroozfard has a dual designation in the field of manual medicine, as a Chiropractor and a Registered Massage Therapist. Her interest in human biology and physiology started early on in her education, which ultimately led her to obtaining a bachelor of science with honours from University of Toronto in Human biology and becoming a doctor of Chiropractic. Through her undergraduate and post-graduate studies, she had a special interest in research that won her a few scholarships and awards, such as the NIH grant in 2009.


our model of care

The model of care that any health care provider uses is extremely important. It is the map that one uses to navigate through clinical decisions and our patients’ particular problems or needs. At C.O.R.E. we use what is called a neurofunctional model, which takes into account all the systems in the body, our environment, stress, relationships and any other possible contributing factors in a person’s life. This is a holistic model, but it is grounded in science, specifically neuroscience and the various branches of neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and interpersonal neurobiology. It is the most advanced model of healthcare that exists today. When you come in for an appointment at C.O.R.E. your healthcare provider will elaborate and educate you on this model. We will guide you through your health problems and help empower you in a way that makes it understandable and inspiring to take responsibility for your health so you too can feel well, whole and healthy!


what you can expect


when you visit us

You can trust that at C.O.R.E., our values always guide our process of healthcare delivery:

C.onnection O.bjectiveness R.esponsibility E.mpowerment

is what you can expect, and we expect when you become a part of our community at C.O.R.E. and as a part of the larger community beyond our doors.

Your first appointment will be 90 minutes, where we will thoroughly discuss your problems, all possible contributing factors and your needs. We will also go through a physical examination and your first treatment.

Excellence requires time, understanding and clarity, and we don’t want you or us to feel rushed, stressed or unheard. We know this is unusual in our world of supposed ‘quick fixes,’ fast-paced lifestyles and abundant conveniences, but we are committed to transforming the health of our community. We practice conscientious health care that places your health as your number one value and commodity (even if you don’t), and we don’t treat your health as our commodity.

After the first treatment, your practitioner will take time to formulate a treatment plan based on your needs and goals and will take time to discuss this with you. Your treatment plan will give you a clear direction and map to move forward confidently. Subsequent visits are a minimum of 45 minutes and can be up to 90 minutes.

Your treatment plan may include medical acupuncture, soft-tissue therapy (nerve, muscle & fascia release techniques), registered massage therapy, performance or corrective exercises, education, mind-body techniques from mindfulness to body-awareness practices, shiatsu therapy, gentle joint mobilization/manipulations, therapeutic touch, orthotics, ultrasound, and electrotherapy. We make it a point that you are always in control, and we offer an open communication policy at all times because we trust the wisdom and intuition of your body for your health and welcome that in the healing process. Lastly, you can expect to be treated as a whole human being (mind-body-brain-soul), not just a symptom, disease or illness. You will feel heard and connected, which creates a fertile ground for healing. We know this is a great opportunity and experience, and we look forward to being a part of your health team.

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