I’ve been seeing Dr. Chris for the past few years and can say without a doubt that I would recommend him to anyone. What I appreciate the most about Dr. Chris is his intuitive nature and that he takes a truly holistic approach to healing and wellness. He treats the whole person with his keen understanding of the relationship between pain/injury and nutrition, physical and emotional trauma, sleep and stress.

He does the research and uses the science behind his practice to help me get a good understanding of my injuries and any underlying causes. As a runner, strength and conditioning is very important to me and with his guidance, support and teaching, I have become a better and stronger runner than when I began. I have completed two marathons under very difficult physical and emotional circumstances and I can say without hesitation that I would not have been able to do so without his treatment and support. This is not a one-sided patient doctor relationship. He keeps me accountable for my well-being and is honest about what I can expect from him and what I can expect from myself when I do the work necessary for healing and overall wellness.


I hurt myself while training for my first half-marathon, and I would not have been able to run it if it wasn’t for Dr.Chris Michailidis.  His immediate diagnoses of my problem, incredible advice, and treatment had me completely pain free in a few weeks, additionally, he understands an athletes mentality, which allowed me to continue training 3 times per week.  Dr. Chris is professional, friendly, understanding, and his knowledge of the human body is nothing but spectacular.  I have now ran numerous half and full marathons pain free thanks to CORE Performance Therapy Wellness, and Dr.Chris Michailidis!