Dr. Tara Behroozfard has a dual designation in the field of manual medicine, as a Chiropractor and a Registered Massage Therapist. Her interest in human biology and physiology started early on in her education, which ultimately led her to obtaining a bachelor of science with honours from University of Toronto in Human biology and becoming a doctor of Chiropractic. Through her undergraduate and post-graduate studies, she had a special interest in research that won her a few scholarships and awards, such as the NIH grant in 2009.

In her practice, Dr. Behroozfard incorporates different techniques to address the neurological and biomechanical dysfunctions of the patient. Her dual designation allows her to see a wide range of patients from those trying to reduce the physical affects of stress on the body to complex acute and chronic pain conditions.  Specifically of interest to Dr. Behroozfard is understanding the contribution of structural and biochemical factors in her patients’ pain problems, by ultimately providing a medium that favors recovery and healing.

Dr. Behroozfard is a new mother of two beautiful daughters. Since pregnancy she enjoys helping new mothers adapt to their new physical and emotional demands.