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Personal and Group Training

In my signature Fast & Fit classes, I use my knowledge and experience as a former Canadian university football all-star, chiropractor, and performance coach to design classes that address all your strength and conditioning needs as real-life athletes.  I say real-life because it’s easy to train hard when that’s what you do for a living, but tougher to do properly when you have REAL-LIFE to deal with!  That’s why in these classes I specifically aim to help you with:

1) Proper technique to optimize exercise effectiveness and decrease injury risk

2) An exercise program that addresses all your needs including: core stiffness, mobility, agility, elastic explosiveness, strength, conditioning, and recovery

3) A fun, competitive environment to challenge you

4) Challenging you mentally to help you deal with life through sporting principles

There is a maximum of 4 students in the class, to allow for proper teaching and individual time and tailoring. I would be honored if you made the choice today to continue on your fitness lifestyle or get started on it with me, a professionally educated Doctor and Coach.

Class Times**:
Saturdays 8 am – 9 am